Tires and Alignment Services

Car tires should stay aligned and run perpendicularly to the road. If not, the misalignment can damage the tires and cause wear before their lifespan. It could also cause the vehicle to pull. Tire alignment is vital in helping the wheel avoid wear and ensuring you drive straight down. 

At Honda of San Carlos, we inspect your vehicle and determine the condition of the wheels. If we notice misalignment, our technicians will make the necessary adjustments to align the wheel. Our San Carlos, CA, Honda wheel alignment technicians have the expertise to handle any vehicle type and model and ensure the wheels are well-aligned.

Professional Wheel Alignment Service in San Carlos

Below are the three types of wheel alignment services your vehicle may need.

Front-end Alignment

Front-end alignment measures and adjusts the front end of a vehicle. This service can be done on vehicles with a solid rear axle and may include a camber, toe, and caster adjustment, which is the most basic wheel alignment and helps ensure the wheel adjusts to the proper angles.

Four Wheel Adjustment

Four-wheel alignment entails the front-end adjustment and rear suspension to restore the four corners of the vehicle and ensure all wheels are aligned to each other. The technician will align the caster, camber, and toe angles on the vehicle's front-end and rear-end where necessary.

Thrust Alignment 

Thrust Alignment ensures that the front wheels of a vehicle are aligned with each other without applying a corrective steering input. The word thrust refers to the rear wheel push. This alignment prevents vehicles from tire wear and also improves safety. 

Common Signs Your Tires Need Alignment 

There are things to look out for when driving your vehicle. If you notice unusual signs on the road, it is best to take your vehicle for service. Below are signs your tires need alignment. 

  • Vehicle pulls on one side
  • The steering wheel doesn't stay straight on the road
  • Tires begin to wear abnormally
  • Wheels start to vibrate when driving 

If you drive a Honda in San Carlos, CA, and notice any of the above signs, take your vehicle for wheel alignment immediately. Honda of San Carlos has professionals who can handle Honda wheel alignment and ensure your car remains straight when you drive. 

How Much Does a Wheel & Tire Alignment Cost?

How much you spend on vehicle alignment depends on various factors listed below. 

  • Vehicle make and model 
  • Age of the car
  • Types of tires on the car
  • The condition of your vehicle

The best way to know the Honda alignment cost is by contacting our San Carlos, CA team to guide you through our pricing structure. 

How Often Should Tires Be Serviced?

Tire serving is a crucial part of keeping your vehicle running efficiently. It is imperative to create a maintenance plan for your car and let a technician service it after about every 5,000-7,000 miles. It would be best if you also considered wheel alignment at least once per year. If you are looking for tire service in San Carlos, CA, you can get professional service and Honda wheel alignment from Honda of San Carlos. Our team has the expertise to handle car maintenance and ensure your vehicle remains functional.

When to Repair or Replace Tires 

You can get tire repair or replacement depending on the condition of the tires. If you notice that your tire is wearing down, the car constantly pulls on the side of the road when driving, the steering wheel is loose or makes noise and a squealing noise in the wheels, you should have your vehicle checked by a technician as soon as possible. 

Why Service Your Vehicle at a Honda Dealership?

At Honda of San Carlos, we understand the value of all customers. We know that vehicles are valuable properties that should be handled with care. Our professionals have the proper training, quality customer care, and up-to-date technical resources. We know the right tools for each car type and model and will ensure that your car gets the appropriate service. Our reliable team is committed to earning our customer's loyalty by providing top-notch service.

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